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Visit ACI's website!
International Joints and Bearings Research Council (IJBRC) of American Concrete Institute (ACI)

Joints and Bearings are critical components to the proper functioning and serviceability of structures. The design, specification, fabrication, installation and maintenance of joint sealing or bearing systems require specialized skills and knowledge of both structural and materials engineering. Click here for more info

Mandate and Mission
Under the auspices of ACI to advance the knowledge of joints and bearing systems for all types of civil engineering and building structures by accomplishing the following:
(1) To identify Research and Development needs more fully.
(2) To encourage Research and Development investigations in the laboratory and the field of both private and public organizations and to seek financial support. Click here for more info

The Council is a nonprofit organization governed by an Executive Committee comprised of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Immediate Past-Chairman and not more than four members-at-large. The officers shall appoint, with the approval of ACI, the members-at-large. Click here for more info

The Executive Committee shall meet twice a year, preferably at ACI conventions. An open meeting of the Council may also be held at ACI conventions. A full meeting of the Council shall be held at each World Congress. Click here for more info

Annual Report
The Chairman of the Council shall submit an annual report of the Council's activities to ACI and to the members of the Council. Click here for more info