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Joints and Bearings are critical components to the proper functioning and serviceability of structures. The design, specification, fabrication, installation and maintenance of joint sealing or bearing systems require specialized skills and knowledge of both structural and materials engineering. Traditionally, this distinct body of knowledge and experience has been assembled, assessed and disseminated on a national and fragmented basis to improve present standards or identify needed research.

It has been increasingly recognized that the problems attendant upon the use of joint sealing and bearing systems are common to a worldwide industry. Innovations, research and development, improved standards and specifications are occurring worldwide and it is important to report these as rapidly and widely as possible, with the minimum of restrictions necessary to preserve trade secrets. A series of international specialty conferences have been held at approximately five-year intervals to this end. The need for closer contacts, particularly between these meetings, still remains of concern.

To encourage research and better communicate progress between the individuals and between the organizations involved around the world, the concept of an International Joints & Bearings Research Council (IJBRC) was presented at the closing session of the 2nd World Congress on Joint Sealing & Bearing Systems, held in 1986. The concept was endorsed by those present, and the Congress Steering Committee was charged with developing a specific proposal. As a result the IJBRC was formed in affiliation with ACI with a mandate similar to that which follows that mandate expired at the conclusion of the 3rd World Congress in 1991. At that meeting delegates expressed in favor of continuance of the IJBRC but with the more active pursuits of its mission as might be achieved through ACI. The Executive Committee was asked to negotiate this and present a proposal and slate of officers to the Committee.

Accordingly, this document defines a revised mandate under ACI and the purposes of the IJBRC and its mode of operation to which any individual, company or organization is welcome to subscribe within the following conditions.

Mandate and Mission
Under the auspices of ACI to advance the knowledge of joints and bearing systems for all types of civil engineering and building structures by accomplishing the following:

(1) To identify Research and Development needs more fully.
(2) To encourage Research and Development investigations in the laboratory and the field of both private and public organizations and to seek financial support.
(3) To report Research and Development in progress and maintain contact with Congress participants (and others expressing interest) worldwide on at least a semi-annual basis by a newsletter or other appropriate means published and distributed by ACI.
(4) To provide an organizational nucleus for planning future World Congresses on joints and bearings.
(5) To maintain close liaison with other research councils and technical committees.
(6) To undertake such other activities as the IJBRC may determine will advance the state-of-the-art and the utility of joints and bearings in all types of civil engineering and building structures.

The Council is a nonprofit organization governed by an Executive Committee comprised of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Immediate Past-Chairman and not more than four members-at-large. The officers shall appoint, with the approval of ACI, the members-at-large.

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Council in accordance with the stated purposes.

The Executive Committee shall meet twice a year, preferably at ACI conventions. An open meeting of the Council may also be held at ACI conventions. A full meeting of the Council shall be held at each World Congress. A special meeting of the Council shall be called within six months of the receipt, by the Secretary, of a petition signed by at least 50 members which clearly states the reason for calling the special meeting.

Notice of meetings shall be sent to the members of the Council, to the Headquarters of ACI and to such other interested persons or organizations as may be designated by the Executive Committee of the Council at least one month prior to meetings.

Annual Report
The Chairman of the Council shall submit an annual report of the Council's activities to ACI and to the members of the Council.